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Forward Authority Intro Video

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DIY Whiteboard

If you’re an organization nerd like me, there’s a good chance you adore whiteboards. No sticky notes falling down, no chalk dust everywhere—just pure, unadulterated white space for keeping track of things. *sigh*

The problem? Whiteboards—especially the larger ones—are crazy expensive.

When I redid my office, I wanted to dedicate a 48×24′ space to plot out book notes. Too bad that’s an irregular size by industry standards. The closest I could find was 48″x36″ and I was not prepared to spend upwards of sixty bucks on this thing. Even the cheap peel-and-stick kind was twenty-five.

Yeah… no.

So, I started researching DIY methods. Apparently, a thing called “Hardboard Thrifty White Tile Board” has the same dry-erase qualities, and you can get a 96″x48″ sheet from Home Depot for only $13.97 USD! Be still, my heart. They even cut it there, so I walked out of that deal with not one, but FOUR WHITEBOARDS for less than fifteen bucks.

Of course, I dressed them up a bit when I got home. To suit my particular needs, I put white duct tape around the (rough-ish) edges, painted that with my office’s trim color, and then used washi tape as an accent. Easy peasy! 🙂